Tease your taste buds at these 10 best restaurants in Kathmandu

After a long exhausting day, you definitely want to lighten up your mood by filling your stomach with delicious delicacies. There are lots of restaurants in Kathmandu that can satisfy your stomach but may or may not satisfy your soul. Yes! So, to help our local people as well as foreigners who have no idea where to find hygienic and varieties of delicious food in Kathmandu, here’s a list of 10 best restaurants in Kathmandu. Have a look at it and make sure you go there next time.

Lunch N Munch

Located in the heart of Kathmandu, Basantapur, Lunch N Munch has become one of the favorite ‘Chatamari’ destinations for ‘Chatamari’ lovers. There’s a lot of ‘Chatamari’ eateries in Kathmandu but Lunch N Munch has made quite a name among Newari fusion restaurants in a short period of time. Along with delicious chatamari varieties, the restaurant also offers various newari dishes which have their own unique tastes. The ‘Chatamari’ here is thin, crispy and the mouth-watering toppings of three variants: chicken buff and vegetable just upgrades the tastes. Their hot sauce has an overpowering taste which makes you want more of it. Though the restaurant covers a small area, it’s clean and managed with good ambiance.


Known for its mouth-watering pork based food items, BO SA is here to stay. It hasn’t been even a year that BO SA started serving its customers but as soon as the restaurant opened, people started talking about how excellent their food items. BO SA simply means “pig’s meat” in Rai Language.
Located at Chaksibari Marg, BO SA serves one of the best pork momos in town. It’s finger licking good, literally, and besides pork momos, it has a lot to offer such as Khutti Achar, Pork thukpa, and so on. The momos are juicy inside that just bursts into your mouth and the tomato ‘chutni’ is just perfect, not so spicy and not so sour. It maintains that tanginess you seek in a ‘chutni’.

Newa Lahana kirtipur

Not only Newars but people of all caste and religion enjoy Newari food, and why not? Every item is so delicious and the presentation makes you want to plunge over it. There are a number of Newari food joints in the town but not all of them are good enough. Newa Lahana is one of those places that serves a perfect set of Newari food. Newa Lahana is a perfect place to enjoy Newari food because you can experience the proper Newari culture here.
The women serving you food are dressed in a proper Newari dress called ‘Haku Patasi’, the Newari set is served on a plate called ‘Lapte’ which is made up of Sal leaves and bamboo needles, and instead of chair and table, you’re actually be sitting on a carpet called ‘sukul’ to eat the food like in a typical traditional Newari family.
Their hospitality is remarkable and the ambiance here makes you feel like home. A perfect set of Newari food served here is nowhere to be found. You will not get over those ‘chhoyela’, ‘Alu Tama, ‘Chhyang’, and many more. Every item they offer is appetizing and healthy.

Yangtaru Sekuwa Corner

One of the beloved food of us Nepalese people is none other than sekuwa. Yes, even thinking about those roasted pieces of meat will make our mouth water, isn’t it? But where to find sekuwa of pungent flavors in town?
Yangaru Sekuwa Corner is one place, located at Gopi Krishna, Chabahil where you can find lip-smacking juicy sekuwa. Heaven for sekuwa lovers, the restaurant offers sekuwa of meat variants like pork, chicken, buff, and mutton. These sekuwa are roasted in a roasting pit and then smokey and succulent sekuwa are served along with a tangy ‘chutni’. The sekuwa is neither so dry nor burnt to black. It’s tender, smokey and juicy which your taste buds will definitely agnize.
They also have ‘chatpate’ in their menu and it’s of totally different taste than of those we eat at the roadsides. Along with various hard drinks, they also have ‘tongba’ to offer. It’s an alcoholic beverage made up of millet traditionally prepared by Limbu people of eastern Nepal.
The restaurant is quite crowded in the evening time. No wonder, people love the sekuwa here. The restaurant is two-storeyed and also occupies a spacious area so don’t worry if it’s crowded. There’s a wide premise for parking too.

Mr. Gim Baab

Those who have already tried Korean dish knows how delicious it is and those who haven’t yet tried Korean dish should try at least once. You will definitely not regret. And, there’s no better restaurant than Mr. Gim Baab to start it off. Mr. Gim Baab, a small restaurant serving gimbap lies at a few minutes walk from D.A.V. School in Dhobighat.
Though the restaurant is small, it has good ambiance and not suffocating at all. The kitchen is quite clean and you can actually see them preparing food. There are numerous Korean fast food joints in Kathmandu but Mr. Gim Baab stands out of the crowd due to its unique way of preparing gimbap and the ingredients they use.
Gimbap is a Korean snack prepared by rolling white sticky rice, vegetables, meats, eggs in seaweed platter. It slightly resembles with Japanese sushi. The mixed gimbap is mellow which is opposite to what we Nepalese normally prefer i.e. a lot of spices. But you will really love the taste. It’s amazing.
They offer spicy gimbap too. Yes, the Kimchi/gimchi gimbap is slightly spicy. The prickle inside bursts into your mouth giving you spicy taste. The service is fast so, if you’re starving, you won’t have to wait long.

French Bakery

French Bakery, located at Chhetrapati gives a new definition to a sandwich by preparing it in a different and unique way. The staggering sandwich is one of the amazing sandwiches you will find here at French Bakery.
The bread is cut in half and the halved bread is made hollow from inside where goes all the flavorful fillings. The sandwich is served on a wooden platter along with fresh vegetable salad and crispy potato wedges. Your taste buds will experience a combination of tastes at a time. Isn’t it amazing?
There’s a lot of bakery items ranging from pastries, cupcakes, breads, pies and to team up with it, various hot, cold and alcoholic beverages are also available. Your platter will be so beautifully garnished with that you’ll fall in love at first sight with it.
The bakery has certainly become a hotspot for foreigners. You will always see foreigners enjoying their unique bakery items to the fullest.
The bakery items they serve at French Bakery is something new and innovative which especially youngsters, who love to try different food, will definitely love. The place itself is so attractive, the decorations are eye-catchy and the aroma of the hot bakery will make you forget all your stress.

Sal’s Pizza

Pizza is the most loved fast food no matter where you go and there’s apparently few to no people who haven’t heard of or ate pizza. Obviously, pizza is mind-blowingly delicious and are available with various wonderful toppings but have you heard of Naanwich? Naanwich might be a new word for most of us people because it is introduced by Sal’s Pizza and is served by Sal’s Pizza solely.
Located at Lazimpat, it’s a little difficult to find the restaurant but you won’t regret after you reach there. They serve a dish of one of a kind that will leave you craving for more. As the name of the restaurant is, the restaurant offers various yummy pizzas but they came up with a new dish ‘Naanwich’ giving a Nepali touch to a pizza. It might sound weird but its taste is not.
A Naan with different toppings like bacon, egg, cheese, veges, and various spices is microwaved. The pulled out Naanwich is mouth-watering as the aroma will have a spell on you before the dish arrives. On the top of that, the restaurant has a spacious area, the price is quite reasonable, the ambiance is really good and there’s a lot of dishes like momos and brownies that you can try there.

Hyderabad House

If you like rice dishes, then you have to try Biryani and there’s no better place to get delicious and authentic biryani than at Hyderabad House located right opposite to Bhatbhateni supermarket in Naxal. You will be served some of the best flavored, thoroughly cooked, delightful biryani over here. The owners came up with a new idea of serving the rice to the people but in a different and delicious way. They use various authentic Hyderabadi spices to prepare the piquant biryani.
Chicken Dum Biryani and Chicken 65 are the most famous dishes at Hyderabad House. Preparing a gorgeous looking, richly flavored biryani is time-consuming but they don’t keep us wait long. You will be impressed if you look at the menu. They have lots of dishes to offer at a reasonable price. The pictures of Hyderabad city hanging on the wall and Hyderabadi dishes makes you feel like you’re at Hyderabad. It creates such atmosphere.
The restaurant covers ample space and parking facility is also available. You should definitely visit Hyderabad House once and experience their enticing and elegant dishes as well as hospitality. They value both our money and time.

Fuchey Restaurant

Situated beside the busy road of Putalisadak, Fuchey Restaurant is a new eatery in town where everything is unique. ‘Fuchey’ is a Nepali word for ‘kid’ and keeping up with the name, the restaurant offers various ‘fuchey’ bowls of dishes.
The first thing you’ll notice here is the clean environment and the huge artistic roof right below where you will sit. The ambiance is perfect either if you’re with your family or friends.
‘Fuchey Batuko’ is one of the popular dishes the restaurant provides. It’s their signature dish actually. It’s a mixture of rice, vegetables, ‘kima’ and a poached egg. If you’re new to this place, the waiters will help you choose your dish. The waiters are really friendly and helpful.
Every dish you eat here is surprisingly delicious because they have tried to maintain the balance between a Nepali and a continental dish. Their exquisite cuisines are unique and yummy that you will start craving for it.
It’s not a fast food restaurant. You’ll only find healthy food just like a food made at home. The prices are very affordable so the restaurant can be a perfect place for students to hang out.

Sky Cafe

Slightly bigger than the regular momo dumplings, ‘thulo momo’ or ‘Pojay’ is what you should try next. A plate of regular momo might not be enough to kill your hunger but a plate of soft and delightful ‘Pojay’ will surely satisfy your appetite.
The restaurant offers huge momo called ‘Pojay’ which have thick dough skin and is filled with sapid fillings. The taste is different and more delectable from regular momos. A single dumpling of ‘Pojay’ is so huge that it will not fit in your mouth. You cannot finish it in one bite. As soon as you take a bite out of it, you will realize that it’s juicy and soft and the tangy taste of ‘chutni’ just enhances the taste.
And another mouth-watering dish at Sky Cafe is ‘Thenthuk Fry’ which is a Tibetan dish. Sliced buff meat and vegetables are fried in low oil, various herbs and Himalayan spices are used in it that’s why it is a healthy dish. The taste is remarkably brilliant. You have to taste it to believe.
Located at Boudha, Sky Cafe is a fine restaurant with a green environment where you can chill with your friends and dear ones. The peaceful and colorful surroundings will make you want to stay there a bit longer. The restaurant is quite spacious and has parking facility too.

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