Know why is Pokhara the best city in Nepal to hang out

Quoted as the “City Of Lakes”, Pokhara is absolutely a piece of heaven. Tourists generally visit Pokhara to view the spectacular Himalayan ranges, for boating, adventure sports, trekking and many more. Located 200 km far from Kathmandu, Pokhara is peaceful and green, unlike Kathmandu. Based at the foot of Annapurna mountain, Pokhara is the gateway to Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) and Upper Mustang.

It is not difficult to reach Pokhara as there are several local buses available that travel from Kathmandu to Pokhara. It is cheaper compared to flights from Kathmandu to Pokhara which is probably the fastest way to travel. People can travel in their private vehicles as well. It takes more or less 6 hours to reach Pokhara from Kathmandu.

Apart from the fact that it is easy to reach Pokhara, there are various other reasons to visit Pokhara. Pokhara is the best place to hang out with families and friends and below is mentioned some reasons to explain why.

The second largest lake of Nepal “Phewa Lake” lies in Pokhara. You have to go to Pokhara to witness the shimmering Phewa lake at sunrise. When the rays of the sun touch the surface of the Phewa, it will seem like someone has sprinkled glitters all over the Lake. The sight of the Lake with the reflection of the Annapurna mountain range on the surface is the most divine sight you’ll ever witness. People don’t miss to capture those views in their photographs. Hire a boat and take a tour of the lake. There’s ‘Tal Barahi’ temple on a small island, floating upon Phewa Lake.

If you want to have that majestic feeling of viewing stunning Annapurna mountain ranges then, head to Pokhara. Just 5km up from Pokhara, there is a small but beautiful Sarangkot village from where you can view the whole Pokhara valley. You don’t require to board an airplane to go above clouds. Sarangkot is literally a place above clouds. Mountains like Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre, and Manaslu are clearly visible from Sarangkot.

Pokhara is also known for the adventure sports. Not only tourists but Nepalese are also attracted to the adventure sports such as Tandem, skydiving, zip flying, parahawking, ultralight flight, mountain biking, rafting, canoeing, etc. It’s adventurous so, you really have to get out of your comfort zone. You will discover your strength. Your perspective towards your life will change. And, don’t forget to bring over the chicken-hearted friend of your group to try out one of the above sports. After all, it’s a lifetime experience.

It’s not fair to visit Pokhara, and not to go to the amazing caves there. Mahendra Cave, named after the late King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah, is the largest cave of limestone in Pokhara. It’s deep and has slippy pathways. Another nerve wrecking cave is Bat Cave ‘Chamero Gufa’. The cave is quite long and dark. This cave is also slippery as droplets of water keep dripping from above. You have to walk carefully and try to make the least noise because you wouldn’t want to disturb those lurking bats. So, for the same reason, avoid flashy lights. It will be an exciting, adventurous and unforgettable experience to sneak out of the narrow exit of Bat Cave. Another cave with religious importance is Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave. There are few stairs that lead down to a temple of Lord Shiv. This cave is beneath the famous waterfall ‘Davi’s Fall’. The water passes through this cave and vanishes.

If you love history then you can visit historical museums in Pokhara. International Mountain Museum has documented various mountain and Mountaineering related things and tells us about the geography, flora and fauna, various species, the Mountaineers, and many more. Gurkha Memorial Museum showcases some prehistoric uniforms, medals, and weapons of Gurkha soldiers. Take a round of the museum and learn a bit about the glorious features our country holds.

Due to the green hills, forest, lakes, and snow-capped mountains, Pokhara has a mild climate. The beautiful scenarios are clearly visible and the weather favors our enjoyment. There’s so much to explore in Pokhara and it’s fun, exciting and adventurous. You must make a plan to Pokhara with either your friends or family. Pokhara is the best place to hang out which is not far, and is full of amazement.

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